About us

What are Bubblegum Kids?

Bubblegum Kids are a collection of 10,000 randomly generated NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Owning a Bubblegum Kid doesn’t just give you access to an engaging and creative community, it makes you a part of the Bubblegum family. Holding a Bubblegum Kid in your wallet also gives you exclusive access to many of our project initiatives such as merch drops, membership in our DAO, Free-to-mint NFTs and much much more.

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What are Bubblegum Puppies?

Bubblegum Puppies is a standalone project, which is a part of the Bubblegum Universe. Bubblegum Kids holders had exclusive access to mint the Bubblegum Puppies for free. Owning a Bubblegum Puppy also provides unique utilities to its holders such as access to the Puppy Park in our custom built Sandbox, merch drops and equal voting rights in the DAO. Bubblegum Puppies have similar aesthetics to Bubblegum Kids with a few unique traits that can’t be found anywhere else. Owning both a Bubblegum Puppy and a Bubblegum Kid will provide further utility in the future…

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Roadmap 2.0

1. Community wallet top-up
2. DAO opening
3. Biweekly spaces
4. Discord upgrade
5. Charity auction
6. Youtube channel
7. New website
8. Twitter Banners
9. Coloring pages
10. Sandbox open
11. Voxel Characters
12. bgk action figures
13. Comic book CLaim
14. Staking
15. animated short trailer
Collaborations & much more